the bus fund

Safety is an important factor to Calvary Christian School.  We want our students to be safe while on campus. However, there is another area of safety we need to address…bus transportation.  We provide bus evacuation trainings for our students twice a year.  Our concern continues to grow regarding the safety and reliability of our current fleet of buses.  Due to the financial constraints of our budget, CCS has been forced to purchase school buses that are leaving the fleets of other public school districts. This means that these buses are older, in fact, the age of CCS’s current fleet range in age from 18 to 26 years old. Additionally, as county school buses they all come to us with many miles on them.  We have worked hard to make them as safe and reliable as possible. Each bus goes through a quarterly safety inspection and a larger annual KDOT annual inspection.  These inspections are performed by professionals.  However, due to their age, it is becoming more and more difficult to keep our buses on the road.  Currently, only two of our three buses are road-worthy. We need your help! We are seeking to raise $121,000 for a brand new bus!