“Partnering with Christian parents whose primary educational choice is to educate their children in a homeschool setting.”

As part of the CCS 20/20 Vision, beginning in the fall of 2017, CCS will offer an Elementary Homeschool Extension Program. This program will allow homeschool students to experience and engage in a variety of on-campus classes, field trips and extra-curricular activities with other CCS students. The goal of CCS is to provide families who choose to homeschool the following opportunities:

  • to provide your child with a structured, but flexible quality Christian education
  • to pick and choose what special classes work for their family and their child’s homeschool education
  • participate under the umbrella of an ACSI/AdvancED accredited school
  • to choose an entire online education that has been written by certified Christian educators
  • to utilize a Christian curriculum for the homeschool education
  • to have their students engage in field trips with CCS grade level
  • to be fully enrolled as a CCS student, but educate their student in their own home
  • to be a part-time CCS student with the option of utilizing own chosen curriculum

CCS Homeschool Extension Program Resources:

If you have any questions regarding the CCS Homeschool Extension Program, please e-mail Tonya Burns at