faculty & staff prayer wall

CCS Faculty & Staff,

Prayer is so important to us! If you would like to submit a prayer request, please do so below. Once you submit your request, it will show up at the bottom of the page on our Prayer Wall. Thank you for all that you do at CCS as we equip the next generation to impact the world for Christ.

faculty & staff prayer wall

Join us as we pray for the following requests:


My husband, Michael, is having knee surgery this Thursday, the 16th. please pray for a safe and successful surgery and for his recovery.


Update: my mother in law passed away on Wednesday. We will be traveling to Green Bay this week for the services. Also, Nathan had another seizure this weekend. Thank you for your prayers.


Sarah's follow up with the surgeon today did not go very well. He is not pleased with the healing progress and is concerned that the plate is impeding movement of the tendons. We will continue with therapy for 3 weeks and he may need to remove the plate. Please pray that significant progress is made through therapy and that no additional surgery will be required.


I pray that you all have a restful, safe and healthy Labor Day weekend.


Please remember my husband, Chris. He continues to struggle with ITP (blood disorder). His levels have been dropping drastically low and the doctor's have been placing him on steroids from time to time. The steroids are causing him to then get Oral Thrush. It feels like a never ending cycle of medications and doctors appointments. I am praying for a miraculous healing of ITP. I know God can do this if it is His will.