alumni spotlight

Before graduation I feared leaving my thirteen year home, but, now, in my sixth week of classes I feel completely stationed. I am thoroughly prepared in every aspect: time management, study skills, reading comprehension, writing, note-taking, etc. So many students around me are struggling, but I am completely at ease! Classes I took as early as sophomore year have given me a firm foundation to begin my collegiate career. I am not joking when I say I think so far college is easier than high school. Most of what I am being taught this semester I learned during high school. I am keeping up my 4.0 GPA on top of getting involved, making new friends, and keeping up with Calvary friends :)

Not only do I feel firmly rooted in my academics but also when facing life. Attending a public university is a culture shock for sure, but I feel rooted in my faith and have been able to stand my ground and share my beliefs thanks to CCS.

I have always adored and appreciated Calvary, but not until I got out into the real world did I realize what a jewel it truly is. I hope one day to be influencing my future students the way CCS and all my former teachers have influenced me. Thank you for putting so much into Calvary and into me. You and the school are such a blessing to me and I hold you very dear to my heart. Thank you for the preparation you have provided me. I know you will continue to influence and prepare students not only for college, but for life.

-Sara B.

Class of 2015