calvary christian school

performing arts program

Calvary Christian School has a vibrant and growing Fine Arts Department. Our program exposes students to Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, and/or Media Arts. 

Elementary school

performing arts

Elementary Music is an introductory music class. The focus of this class is to provide your child with many enjoyable experiences in music and opportunity to learn and develop a variety of music-related skills. Through singing, playing, listening and reading, your student will experience the various elements of music. In class, your student will be introduced to various styles and kinds of music. Your student will have many opportunities to excel in musical performance, reading music and musical literature, and evaluating musical form with varying structures. Students will have the opportunity to use movement and choreography to assist in musical expression. In 5th and 6th grade, students will have the option to take band.

In class we will:

  • Sing, play, and evaluate music
  • Listen to various types of music and hymns from different eras
  • Identify ways in which music can be used to worship God
  • Learn to sing on pitch
  • Play the recorder(4th Grade Only) and other instruments
  • Perform singing activities that will help your student to grow in sight reading, pitch-matching, and harmony performance
  • Learn to sing solfege
  • Learn audience etiquette and what quality performances include

Middle and high school

performing arts

Our Middle and High School Performing Arts Classes train students in music development while building their confidence through regular performances. Each student learns the importance of collaboration, diligent practice, and encouragement as they work together to glorify God through worshipful expression. 

Our Performing Arts Program is led by Mrs. Jamie Martin. Our choir performs throughout the year at various events.  There is also a traveling singing ensemble, "Sounds of Praise," that performs in local churches and tours every year.  

Each year, our student body puts on a Performing Arts event in the Fall and a Spring musical. This is an enormous undertaking and usually involves 75% of our student body.  We have performed The Music Man, Beauty and the Beast, The Wizard of Oz, Annie, The Music Man, etc. 

elementary, middle and high school

band program

Available to CCS students in 5th-12th grade, our band classes focus on understanding the mechanics of mastering several pieces of music. They have regular performances throughout the school year. 

Our program's repertoire ranges from popular music from movies, to serious classical music. Beyond learning the music, these are some of the few classes where the grades are mixed together.  In this setting a senior and a freshmen can share a conversation and build friendships and be a mentor to the younger.