2021-2022 Covid-19 response policy


Masks are optional for all staff, students and visitors of Calvary Christian School. Masks are highly recommended for those who have other health concerns or are in close contact with other health concerns. 

  • (Preschool guidance on masks will come from the Preschool Director in consultation with the Kentucky Cabinet.) 
  • This is subject to change based on revised laws, legal mandates or legal Executive Orders. 
  • The CCS administration is not opposed to masks but feel this should be a family decision. Those who feel safer wearing a mask are free to wear them. 
  • The CCS Nurse’s Office will have masks available for those wanting to wear a mask and forgot to bring their own.


If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, your guidelines are as follows:

  • You will need to quarantine for 5 days after symptoms first appear AND gone 24 hours with no fever without the use of fever-reducing medications AND seen improvement in any other symptoms of COVID -19, before you should return to school.


If you come into close contact (within 6 ft. for 15 cumulative minutes) you may decide to quarantine. It will not be required. This policy only pertains to K-5 through 12th grade as the preschool must abide by Kentucky licensing rules to stay open.

  • We will contact the parents of those students in close contact with a COVID-19 positive person and ask them to watch for symptoms in their child and keep them home if they develop symptoms.  
  • If you choose to quarantine your child for COVID-19 close contact exposure, their quarantine/NTI may be limited to 5 calendar days.


  • They must be entirely asymptomatic. (No COVID-19 symptoms)
  • Parents are responsible for obtaining the home test and administering this test at home. 
  • The test results must be emailed to Mrs. Keating at jackie.keating@ccsky.org by 7:30 am for the student to attend school each day.  
  • The picture of the test results must include the student’s full name and the date (month/day/year) written on the test or on a piece of paper next to the test.    
  • If a student opts into “Test to Stay” instead of quarantining, they must commit to testing each day for the entire quarantine period. (Each school day in the testing 5-day quarantine program.) Please notice that if you are receiving this email, on for instance day 3, the testing would only need to occur for the school days that occur on days 3-5.
  • If the student wants to attend an athletic function over the weekend, they must test over the weekend. The test results must be emailed to the Athletic Director payden.hinkle@ccsky.org on Saturday and Sunday at least two hours prior to the start of the event. 
  • A student who tests negative will be able to attend class and extracurricular activities for the day. If the student has a positive test, they will proceed with the normal isolation guidelines. You may choose to see a doctor or testing facility for a real time PCR test if the home test is positive. If the student receives 2 negative real time PCR tests at least 24 hours apart, they may return to school and complete the “Test to Stay” program with home tests. Both PCR test results must be submitted prior to returning.

- If your child is sick, please keep them home. Please help us out here.

- NTI will ONLY be offered to students who MUST quarantine for exposure to COVID-19 or a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. Due to the strain this puts on faculty, it will not be offered long-term, for other illnesses or family vacations.

- Where it is possible, we will attempt to put student seating 3 feet apart.

- Frequent hand washing will be encouraged, and hand sanitizing stations will remain in place.

- Water fountains will remain off, bottle-filling stations will still be available.

- We will plan on taking field trips and class trips (subject to the availability and requirements of the destinations).

- We do not plan to shut down during the school year. However, we will be subject to legal mandates from the state or federal government.

- Should an outbreak occur the administration reserves the right to toggle to NTI for a period of time to protect the student body and staff from further infection.