(Tuition reduction incentive program)


  • The Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP) is a program which is available to all CCS Families and may be used to help offset the cost of tuition. The program is facilitated through Shopwithscrip.com, Kroger Rewards Program and Remke/Biggs Supermarkets.
  • Shopwithscrip.com is an online company which negotiates deals with many different local and regional retailers to purchase gift cards and certificates at a discounted rate. The gift cards and certificates are then made available for our families to purchase at the gift card or certificates actual face value. The difference between the face value of the gift card and/or certificate which the family pays, and the negotiated rate of the gift card and/or certificate which Shopwithscrip.com had paid, become credits (money) that the family may apply towards their CCS tuition account.
  • Kroger Rewards Program requires families to create an online account, at kroger.com, registering their Kroger’s Plus Card and selecting CCS as their Community Rewards Organization. Families then earn money by simply using their Plus Card when shopping.
  • Remke/Biggs Supermarkets use a reloadable gift card, available from TRIP, which families load at any Remke/Biggs Supermarket location prior to checkout, earning a percentage of the total amount loaded to the card.
  • Families may designate that their credits be applied to their own tuition account, another CCS Family’s tuition account, or the CCS Tuition Scholarship Fund. Credits earned will be held by TRIP until disbursed, twice a year during the months of SEPTEMBER and FEBRUARY, into the family’s chosen designation. A copy of the family’s earned credits will also be made available to them at the time of disbursement.
  • Credits designated to be applied to a family’s tuition account will receive a minimum of 75% of the earned credits. Depending upon the demand and funding for tuition assistance, up to 20% may be applied to the CCS Scholarship Fund. TRIP will retain 5% as an administration fee to assist with the associated costs of the program such as the annual software fees, weekly shipping charges, and operational supplies.
  • Any discrepancies in the credits must be brought to the attention of the TRIP Coordinator within 30 days after receipt.



All orders are requested to be completed online at Shopwithscrip.com. Instructions for creating an account can be found online at Shopwithscrip.com. If you would like the enrollment code, please e-mail trip@ccsky.org.

Order forms, which list only a limited number of area retailers, can be found in the school and TRIP offices, on FACTS on the announcement page, and on the CCS Website on the Support Services page under TRIP. These forms will be accepted with payment at the time of order. Orders may also be called in or emailed to the TRIP Office.

  • All orders, by any of these methods, must be placed by 9:00 AM on Tuesdays to be received by Thursday.
  • Shopwithscrip.com has a program similar to that of PayPal called PrestoPay which can be used when ordering online. Additional information is available online at ShopWithScrip.com.
  • Checks returned due to N.S.F. will incur a $30 fee.

t.r.i.p. pickup


Orders placed by 9:00 AM on Tuesdays will be available for pick up after 2:30 PM on Thursdays in the school office. If an order has been paid for, the family can request in the delivery method of the order form or when ordering online, that it be sent home with a student. If the order has not been paid for or there is no delivery method indicated on the order form, the order will be held in the office until payment is received or order is picked up by the family.

  • Please treat Gift Cards and Certificates as they are cash. Neither the TRIP Staff nor CCS will be responsible for any lost, misplaced or stolen or gift cards and/or certificates.
  • TRIP will operate weekly throughout the school year with the exception of Christmas Vacation and Spring Break, and will operate on an every other week schedule during the Summer Break.
  • If your student for any reason during the year no longer attends CCS, all credits earned will only be applied to any outstanding account balances at CCS, another CCS Family’s tuition account, or the CCS Tuition Scholarship Fund. Credits earned are not refundable by any other means.

t.r.i.p. staff

Cindy Moran, Coordinator

• For additional information or questions please contact any of our TRIP Staff at 859.356.9201 ext133 or e-mail trip@ccsky.org.