Course scheduling

Steps for Scheduling Classes/Requesting Schedule Changes:

  1. Once the Master Schedule is confirmed, students/parents receive a Renweb email with specific instructions for registering for classes online via Renweb (therefore, all students and parents must be connected to Renweb). This occurs in late spring or early summer.
  2. Students have approximately 2 weeks to register for their classes once the email has been sent. Registering for classes is a request for classes, it is not a guarantee that a student will get all of the classes they request. Of course, required classes will be guaranteed to each student.
  3. Once the registration process is completed, students will be placed in classes. Schedules will be available via Renweb in early August.
  4. If a student desires to request a class change, requests are submitted to the Guidance Counselor during the first week of school through the Schedule Change Request Form. Again, requests are not a guarantee that the change will be made for the student. Scheduling and class size limits are variables that are considered before changes are granted.
  5. Classes are assigned for the year. No class changes are allowed after the first week of school.