The CCS Preschool offers a K3 and K4 program. There are multiple schedules available for your family (full-day and half-day schedules available). The preschool is under the direction of Mrs. Denise Pack.

As a parent prepares for the education of their children, the decision is paramount; who will best equip your child for the future? The preschool years are essential for your child's development, and what a better place for that growth than at Calvary Christian Preschool. CCS offers your child an education that goes beyond textbook learning; we embrace and enjoy the fact that the youngest learners absorb through a multi-sensory approach to education. Through both self-directed and teacher-directed activities, your child will experience education with their five senses, thriving in an environment of creativity.

As one of the leading early education programs in the area, CCS delivers a variety of instructional methods each day. While the routine of the day includes many things such as pledges, prayer, exercise, circle time, outdoor time, and many other sections to the day, the end goal is always in mind: to prepare your child to excel in their upcoming kindergarten and elementary years. Teachers provide daily opportunities that allow the preschool age child to be successful today and in the future.

Specifically, Calvary Christian Preschool adheres to the ACSI early education accreditation standards. Your K3 child will be learning in a student-centered room with a 1:9 teacher-student ratio. Your K4 child will be learning in a student-centered room with a 1:10 teacher-student ratio. This allows teachers to closely observe and tailor their instruction for the needs of every child.

Interested in learning more about how Calvary can help you prepare your child to be well-prepared for elementary school? Contact us for more information. Mrs. Denise Pack, our Preschool Director, would love to share the ministry of Calvary Christian Preschool with you. If you have questions, please e-mail