On-line academy

We are excited to announce the creation of Calvary Christian On-Line Academy for high school students. This academy will enhance the opportunity for students to receive a quality, college-prep, Christian education. The On-Line Academy will serve two groups of people:

  1. Our current students will have access to a number of electives and Advanced Placement courses not offered on campus at Calvary Christian School.  These course options are available on a fee basis.  Additionally, this on-line academy will be Calvary Christian School's primary source for credit recovery.
  2. Students may enroll in Calvary Christian On-line Academy and complete all of their schooling on-line.  If they take the prescribed curriculum as a senior they can graduate with a Calvary Christian School Diploma.  For additional fees they can come onto the CCS campus and participate in our Fine Arts program (Art, Band and Performing Arts), provided space is available.  Additionally, students who decide to attend the on-line academy on campus can participate in the CCS athletic program, provided they meet all the eligibility requirements put forth by the Kentucky High School Athletic Association. 

Email Bill Harding for Demo Course access information or to register for a course.