middle school

Our middle school students take a challenging collection of classes. Each student will take a Bible, Math, English, History, Science, Computer and PE class. In addition to these core classes, each student will have the following shorter introductory classes: Art, Spanish, French, Creative Writing and Bible Specialty. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to take an elective such as Middle School Band and Middle School Performing Arts. For those students who may need some extra study time, a study hall is available.

All 7th graders are required to take Pre-Algebra. In the 8th Grade, students who excel in the classroom and on the standardized test will move into Advanced Algebra. We also have a math tutor on staff that works with students who may struggle.

Our middle school students take two standardized tests during the school year. All 7th and 8th grade students will take the Terra Nova III standardized test in the Spring. 

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