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pastor's discount

Calvary Christian School Offers a Pastoral Discount!

We are thankful for our faithful area pastors. Your ministry of consistently preaching God's Word is greatly appreciated. Furthermore, your show of support of Christian education by enrolling your children at Calvary Christian is an encouragement and testimony to others. May you find this tuition discount to be a token of our appreciation to you for partnering with us in the challenge of educating our students in accordance with Biblical principles.


  • Area pastors who earn their living as a full-time pastor (sole income) in a local church will receive a 50% discount for each child enrolled at CCS.
  • Area pastors who serve but do not earn their entire living as a pastor in a local church (bi-vocational) will receive a 10% discount for each child enrolled at CCS.

A signed discount agreement form will need to be renewed annually and must accompany your child's application or re-enrollment forms. This discount applies only to tuition. All other fees and expenses are to be paid in full.