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Rise up & build

a capital campaign for calvary christian school

GOAL: $5.8 Million

Our vision at Calvary Christian School is “students will use their minds and hands to actively serve God with their whole life, wherever His will leads them.”  When this vision intersects with our mission of “Equipping the next generation to impact the world for Christ” and our culture today, the need for this type of graduate is magnified.  

We want to equip as many students as possible to send out into a world that desperately needs them and the message of Christ. With this vision and need in mind we look to re-energize the Imagine Tomorrow Campaign to build for the future and fulfill our mission.  

The plan is to build a new wing off of the existing main entrance, between the current structure and the lower athletic fields. This new wing will feature the following:

  • A second gymnasium with its own entrance

  • 10-11 additional classrooms

  • Two additional sets of restrooms (one set accessible from the new gymnasium and athletic fields)

  • A more secure main entrance, with the receptionist and some office personnel at the primary point of entry

  • A concession area (accessible from the gym or the athletic fields)

  • A welcoming courtyard in front of the main entrance

  • An updated and more secure elementary playground area

  • A large multipurpose meeting room

  • A weight room to be utilized by our athletic teams

  • Additional school parking (approximately 50 additional spaces)

  • Additional storage

The features above will provide CCS with the following:

  • The second gymnasium will allow CCS to host basketball leagues, additional practice times, location for indoor recess, greater flexibility for archery practice and ECC, elementary gym space during play week, added storage for performing arts. Plus, this part of the facility has the potential to generate income for CCS.

  • The additional classrooms will allow CCS to increase its capacity to 800 students, while at the same time adding additional space for testing and more specialized middle and high school electives.

  • Additionally these classrooms will provide much needed space for our growing intervention program, allowing our non-traditional learners the opportunity for a Christ-centered education.

  • The new entrance and the placement of the building will provide increased security for the main building and the elementary playground.

  • The concession stand and restrooms (accessible from the lower athletic fields) will provide greater building security and convenience for soccer, softball, and baseball games.

  • The weight room will provide workout space for our male and female athletes, which will enhance our sports training experience. As well as additional physical education options.

  • Additional parking will provide greater convenience for large events and dedicated parking near the CCS Preschool.

  • The multipurpose room provides a space for large group meetings

  • Finally, the new facility will ease the strain on the existing facility allowing flexibility and new opportunities in our current structure.

Aside from all of these benefits, the steel, brick and glass structure will provide a new modern look with a legacy link to the existing brick building, anchoring us to our heritage as we lean into the new vision. The newly designed courtyard will provide a welcoming entrance for our students, families and guests.  

This will be a facility that our current students will enjoy, our alumni can be proud of, and our future students will look forward to using. We will maintain the name “Butler Complex” in honor of our long-time Kindergarten Teacher, Miss Sandy Butler.  

There is still opportunity for naming rights for the new gym. If you would like to learn more about available naming rights, please contact Dr. Bill Dickens at

The total projected cost for this facility is approximately $5.8 million. While this seems like a large sum, I firmly believe this is attainable. God, working through His people can accomplish what we only dream of.  

However, we won’t stop here. We strongly believe that our God-given vision is to provide stellar educational opportunities for students of all ages in academics AND athletics and the arts.  Therefore, potential future growth phases are:

  • The building of a dedicated Early Childhood Center which will give CCS the opportunity to provide an enhanced, dedicated spot for our youngest learners.  Our vision to provide space for any student who desires a Christian education to have one will be able to begin in their earliest educational years.  Additionally in this phase we will look at improving our outdoor athletic facilities with lighting, permanent seating, a fieldhouse and a running track.

  • Another phase would be the building of an Arts Center with state-of-the-art sound and lighting.  Complete with dressing rooms, performance classrooms, art classrooms, art showrooms and seating for 600.

So, armed with our vision for the future of CCS and Christian education in Northern Kentucky, we cling to Psalm 5:3, “O LORD, in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning I prepare a sacrifice for you and watch.”  What are we watching for? We are watching for God to bring people like you alongside us to make this vision a reality.