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imagine tomorrow

a capital campaign for calvary christian school

Calvary Christian School began the Imagine Tomorrow campaign in 2019. The original plan was to add 4 elementary classrooms and two bathrooms in a detached building, off the elementary wing. We collected about $360,000 toward this project, then COVID-19 hit. During the 2020-2021 school year, we paused our fundraising for the project and reassessed Calvary Christian School’s facility needs for the future. This reassessment has led us in a new direction that will better meet the needs of the school and benefit ALL CCS students, both current and future.

The plan is to build a new wing off the existing main entrance, between the current structure and the lower athletic fields. This new wing will feature the following:

  • A more secure main entrance, with the receptionist and some office personnel at the point of entry
  • A welcoming courtyard in front of the main entrance
  • Eight additional classrooms
  • A second gymnasium
  • Two additional restrooms (restrooms accessible from the new gymnasium and athletic fields)
  • A concession area (accessible from the gym or the athletic fields)
  • A weight room to be utilized by our athletic teams
  • Additional storage
  • Additional school parking (required by city code with the addition of classrooms)

The features above will provide CCS with the following:

  • The second gymnasium will allow CCS to host basketball leagues, additional practice times, location for indoor recess, greater flexibility for archery practice and ECC, elementary gym space during play week, added storage for performing arts. Plus, this part of the facility has the potential to generate income for CCS.
  • The additional classrooms will allow CCS to increase its capacity to 692 students, while at the same time adding additional space for testing and more specialized middle and high school electives.
  • The new entrance and the placement of the building will provide increased security for the main building and the elementary playground.
  • The concession stand and restrooms (accessible from the lower athletic fields) will provide greater building security and convenience for soccer, softball, and baseball games.
  • The weight room will provide workout space for our male and female athletes, which will enhance our sports training experience. As well as additional physical education options.
  • Additional parking will provide greater convenience for large events and dedicated parking near the CCS Preschool.
  • Finally, the new facility will ease the strain on the existing facility allowing flexibility and new opportunities in our current structure.

Aside from all of these benefits, the steel, brick, and glass structure will provide a new modern look with a legacy link to the existing brick building, anchoring us to our heritage as we lean into the future. The newly designed courtyard will provide a welcoming entrance for our students, families, and guests.

This will be a facility that our current students will enjoy, our alumni can be proud of, and our future students will look forward to using. We will maintain the name “Butler Complex” in honor of our long-time Kindergarten Teacher, Miss Sandy Butler.

The total projected cost for this facility is $3,465,959. While this seems large, I believe this is attainable. CCS will gain 16,000 square feet. This puts the cost at $216/square foot, very reasonable. Additionally, there may be some areas where we can save some money. There are some additional costs that are required by code with this addition (upgraded utilities, upgraded fire alarm system for the entire school, 65 additional parking spaces, etc.). They are included in this projected cost. Much prayer, thought and effort has gone into designing and planning this facility. This facility will meet our current needs and prepare us for the future. We feel that God is in this and it will be accomplished in His time. 

Please join us as we “Imagine Tomorrow” at CCS.