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covid-19 updates

- April 20, 2020

Dear CCS Family,

This afternoon, Governor Beshear told Kentucky superintendents that schools should continue NTI for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year.  Therefore, Calvary Christian School will follow this directive and continue Non-Traditional Instruction through the end of the school year.   This certainly is not how any of us expected or wanted the 2019-2020 school year to end.   However, we know that God will lead us through this.

Governor Beshear and the Kentucky State Superintendent said schools should strive to reach the 1,062 hours of school.  CCS, even with the days missed for the sewer issue,

snow, NTI prep days, and the additional Spring Break days will exceed this requirement with 1,095 hours of school on Thursday, May 14th.

  • The last day for Seniors will be Friday, May 8th.  All assignments should be submitted by midnight that night.   
  • The last day for Pre-K3-11th grade will be Thursday, May 14th, with all assignments due by midnight on Friday, May 15th.   

Governor Beshear also said schools should have alternate plans for both proms and graduation ceremonies, due to restrictions on congregating in school buildings and other venues.  To this end, we will strive to provide meaningful experiences for these significant events.  You will be receiving emails in the coming days explaining what will happen with these events, as well as, how to return books, Chromebooks, clean-out lockers, etc.

Thank you for your continued patience as we maneuver these uncharted waters.


Bill Dickens, Ph.D.


- April 2, 2020

Dear CCS Family,

I was on a conference call with the Kentucky school Superintendents and Governor Beshear this afternoon.  He asked the Superintendents to keep the school buildings closed through May 1st, with a revised return to class day of Monday, May 4th.  We will be adopting the suggestion of the Governor and returning to Non-Traditional Instruction following Spring Break.  Our next goal is to return to class on Monday, May 4th.  This new date will necessitate the cancellation, postponment and/or adjustment of some upcoming CCS activities.  I am sorry for this new reality and the disappointment it brings.  Once the "Admin Bunch" has a chance to meet regarding this new development, we will send out a subsequent email regarding these events.

Thank you for your continued patience.  I have been reminded that COVID-19 is not just a CCS problem, it is a worldwide problem.  Everyone is adjusting to a new way of doing life.

We hope that your Spring Break provides the opportunity to enjoy unhindered time with your immediate family, rest and catch-up on necessary school work.  We pray for your safety, health and God's provision for your needs.  We will trust God with the future during our uncertain days, for they are not uncertain to Him.

Bill Dickens, Ph.D.


- March 12, 2020

Dear CCS Students, Parents and Faculty Members,

I am writing this email in preparation for what may come.  As you have probably heard, Boone County Schools have already cancelled in-school classes, possibly until April 20, 2020.  The Kentucky Governor has encouraged school districts to consider closing.  I expect that soon we will see more large school districts in the Northern Kentucky area follow Boone County’s example.  We have already seen what many colleges and universities have done.

If you thought calling a snow day or delay was a difficult decision . . . .   At this point, I have an opinion but it is only my opinion is nothing more.  But what is important is keeping your child safe.  

The purpose of this email is to share with you where CCS stands at this point.  CCS is in session and will remain in session for the foreseeable future.  However, that could change if circumstances outside of our control change.  If the virus were to appear in Northern Kentucky, multiple school districts close or if a mandate comes from the State Government, we would watch how other private and independent schools in the area respond.  In a combined staff meeting this morning, I spoke to the faculty about preparing for online/remote instructional opportunities if we were to close the building for an extended period of time.  I have already been in touch with a tech individual specializing in this type of need.  We are monitoring the news closely.  We want to be prepared to react and not over-react.

In the event of a closure this will be the process:

1) You will be notified by the same methods we use for snow delays and cancellations (the CCS App, email, Facebook, Instagram and the local news services).

2) The first two days of the closure will be like snow days, no work will be assigned or due.  The school will be open these two days during posted hours for students and families to retrieve their books, chromebooks, etc. (watch the CCS App, email, Facebook and Instagram for the hours of operation).

3) By day 3, you and your student will be contacted by their teachers and remote instruction will begin.  This instruction could be in the form of worksheets, video, live remote instruction, ZOOM, PowerPoint, Google Classroom, Google Drive, etc.  IMPORTANT: students must realize that these are still school days, NOT FREE DAYS and they will be expected to work during school hours and be ready to be online and submit work at certain times on certain days.  Obviously there will be differences in the functioning of elementary, middle and high school classes.  Your teachers will spell out clear expectations.

4) Written assessments may be submitted online or dropped off at CCS at certain times on certain days.  We will provide generous assignment drop-off windows to help meet family schedules.

If this were to become a reality, you will get further detailed information.  Please be patient, this is the first time we have had to deal with this type of issue or instruction.  Our goal is to continue the quality, Christian education your child has received thus far.

Regarding sports, we are at the mercy of the KHSAA.  Obviously, if the KHSAA cancels athletic competition, we will cancel also.  If they permit athletic competition to continue, we will continue.  Obviously, participation at this point will be at the parent’s discretion.

Class trips are an important part of CCS and are often the best memories and highlights of a student’s time at CCS.  Aside from this, cancelling or adjusting these trips can become problematic due to companies and venues not refunding payments that have already been made.  So, at this point all class trips are still scheduled.  Once again, if you choose not to send your child, that is your prerogative, however, you may not get a refund for any or all of the trip.  Once again, we will keep you posted regarding these class trips.

In conclusion, as I said earlier, this email is simply to lay the foundation should a closure occur.  Whatever decision is made, know that the most important considerations are honoring God with our decision and the safety of your child(ren).  Please be in prayer with us as we wrestle with this issue.


Bill Dickens, Ph.D.