meet our preschool faculty

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  • Mrs. denise pack

    preschool director

    • B.S. in Elementary Education, Northern Kentucky University, 1993
    • M.A. in Elementary Education (Early Childhood Development), Northern Kentucky University, 1997
  • Mrs. joann teter

    preschool teacher

    • B.A. in Special Education/Elementary Education, Western Governors University, 2012

  • Mrs. charle fain


    • Childhood Development Associate, Gateway Community College , 2009

  • mrs. anna mulling

    preschool assistant

    • A.S. in Business, Liberty University, 2012

  • mrs. kim plummer

    preschool aSSISTANT

    • B.S. in Finance, Northern Kentucky University, 1995

  • Holli Shoyat



    preschool Teacher

meet our elementary faculty

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  • ms. sandy butler

    kindergarten teacher

    • B.S. in Elementary Education, Liberty University, 1979

  • mrs. sharon landers

    kindergarten aSSISTANT

    • A.A. in Business and Accounting, University of the Cumberlands, 1989
    • Master Gardener, University of Kentucky, 2002



    • B.A. in Public Relations, Eastern Kentucky University, 1993
    • M.A. in Education, University of the Cumberlands, 2019

  • mrs. april faris


    • B.A. in Sociology, Georgetown College, 1999
  • mrs. sara krieger

    1st grade teacher

    • B.A. in Elementary Education, Northern Kentucky University, 2019
  • mrs. jodi harding

    2nd grade teacher

    • B.S. in Education, Miami University, 1987
    • M.A.T., Marygrove College, 2001

  • mrs. lisa duty

    3rd grade teacher

    • B.S. in Elementary Education, Temple Baptist College, 2007


    4th grade teacher

    • B.A. in Elementary Education, Baptist College of Florida, 1998
    • M.S. in Elementary Reading, Walden University, 2006

  • MRS. lori whiteker

    5th grade teacher

    • BA in Elementary Education, Mount St. Joseph University, 1988
    • MA in Elementary Education, Northern Kentucky University, 1995
    • Currently Doctoral candidate for Curriculum and Instruction in Education, Liberty University

  • mrs. meredith white

    6th grade teacher

    • B.A. in Elementary Education, Northern Kentucky University, 2015

  • mr. ben ferguson

    art teacher

    • B.A. in Visual Communication and Design, Northern Kentucky University, 2018


    intervention specialist

    • B.S. in K-12 Special Education, University of Cincinnati
    • M. Ed. in Secondary Education, Xavier University, 2012

  • mrs. jenny mann

    assistant intervention specialist

    • B.S. in Special Ed (Grades 1-8), Eastern Kentucky University
    • M.A. in Special Ed. (Grades K-12), Georgetown College

  • mrs. tanya copher

    INTERVENTION AIDE/elementary music teacher

    • B.M.  Education P-12 (Vocal Emphasis)- Morehead State University, 2002
    • M.M.  in Church Music - Campbellsville University, 2006
      *Additional credits in Masters in School Counseling P-12- Campbellsville University

  • mrs. tiffany block


    • B.S. in Elementary Education, Bob Jones University, 2006

meet our secondary faculty

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  • mrs. kristy craven

    middle school history

    • B.S. in Secondary Studies Education, Miami University, 1994
    • M.A. in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, Walden University, 2009

  • mr. bill harding

    Middle & High schooL Bible, Computer & Online Academy Coordinator

    • B.S. in Education, Miami University, 1987
    • M.Ed., Walden University, 2007

  • mrs. julie heyob

    middle and high school english

    • B.S. in Elementary Education, Pensecola Christian College, 1996

  • mrs. jessica hinkle

    middle and high school science

    • B.A. in Health, Morehead State University, 1993
    • M. Ed. in Allied Health Science, Eastern Kentucky University, 1995

  • mrs. melanie ryan


    • B.M. in Music, Northern Kentucky University, 1996
    • B.S. in Math, Northern Kentucky University, 1997
    • M.S. in Mathematics, University of Cincinnati, 1999

  • mr. marcus duckworth

    band director/News team/videography teacher

    • B.M. in Music Education, Northern Kentucky University, 2011
    • *Currently attending Dallas Theological Seminary to obtain a Masters in Biblical and Theological Studies.

  • mrs. melody dickens


    • B.A. in Psychology, Northern Kentucky University, 1997
    • *Additional Graduate work at Liberty University

  • ms. jennifer bass

    Bible/CREATIVE WRITING/A.P. Lang Arts

    • B.S. in Secondary Education, Pensacola Christian College, 2013
    • M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction, Pensacola Christian College, 2015

  • mrs. autumn ferguson

    high school SCIENCE

    • B.S. Biological Sciences, Northern Kentucky University, 1989

  • mrs. le hahn

    computer & it

    • B.S. in Elementary Education, University of Kentucky, 1999
    • M. Ed. Special Education / Gifted Education, Xavier University, 2002

  • mr. jeff heyob

    high school history & bible

    • B.S. in Education, Temple Baptist College, 2002
    • Masters in Education, Liberty University, 2019
      * currently pursuing Ph.D.

  • ms. kara landis

    physical education & health

    • B.S. in Exercise and Sport Sciences, Cedarville University, 2007

  • mrs. jamie martin

    middle school & high school performing arts

    • B.M. in Vocal Performance, Northern Kentucky University, 2014
    • M.A. in Music Education, Liberty University, 2019

  • mrs. dina mccarthy

    middle and high school french & communications

    • B.A. in International Studies, Northern Kentucky University, 1993

  • mr. mark ross

    high school drafting & photography

    • A.A. in Architecture, Lexington Community College, 1986
    • B.A. in Organizational Leadership, Northern Kentucky University, 2012

  • mr. cris sexton

    high school math

    • B.A. in Middle School Education (Math and Science), Northern Kentucky University, 2011
    • Masters of Education in Teacher Leadership, University of the Cumberlands, 2019

  • mrs. becky STELZEr

    high school english

    • B.S. in History, Pensacola Christian College, 2002

    • B.S. in Business Administration, Northern Kentucky University, 2011